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Majnoon Laila


This book is a medical analysis of the most famous romantic love story in Arabic literature. Medical diagnosis was made based on the poems of the lover.

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The Parrotfish and me


In 1993 I went fishing in a large yacht with friends near a Qatari island called Halool, 80 km northeast of the city of Doha. I went down in a small boat for free diving adventure near the shore, carrying a fishing arrow with me. It ended in an unintentional killing of a beautiful Parrotfish. It is called “Gain” in local Arabic. I felt sorry for hitting that fish. I carried it back to the yacht for photography. While I was looking at it I wrote a poem about it. I cannot translate it to English as real poetry, but I will try to translate the meaning. 

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My Qur'an Teacher


In 1998 while I was conducting CCU round, I saw an old fragile looking female patient. She sat up in her bed when I entered. I said good morning to her. She answered me warmly and stretched her hand. When I stretched my hand to her she tried to kiss my hand, so I withdrew my hand quickly. I felt Read more>

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