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Arab Love Song

From classical Arabic poetry written by Abu-Fras Al-Hamadani (930-967). A popular Arab singer sang it: Um Kul-Thum. Translated to English by Hajar, a pre-medical student, and exhibited in Arab students’ cultural exhibition at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Co. (1966).



A patient man with no tears I see,
Does love have no word
Or order on thee?
Yes, I am in love and my heart would flee,
But secrets are not to be told
Of a man like me.
With the hand of love I reach, 
When night comes by, 
And down let my tears Which always were high.
Between my bones
Fire could light, 
With the flame of love 
And memories of the night.


I am alone, 
While all my folks are present,  
Any place away from you is like a desert.
I am faithful and with faith, I will defeat
A charming young lady Who used to cheat. 


She knows but asks about my name,
Knowledge and ignorance are not the same. 
“Your victim”, I said without any blame,  
“Which one?” she asked, without any shame.


I turned back to her judgment 
And to the wish of time,
Seeking forgiveness for her crime.


Death will meet 
before I reach your side, 
Later rain will not help,  
If thirsty I died.

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