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Poetry and Medicine

I combine Science and art 
Both are the best
Medicine in the heart
And poetry in the chest.


Between medicine and poetry 
There are relation and association,
That I could see
Like pearls in the bottom of the sea.


Poetry does not hinder medicine,
Nor does it ruin.
Verses and medicine
Are like stars around the moon.
The stars beautify the moon’s road path
With white flowers
And amuse it with their dancing mode,
Until early morning hours.


Poetry soothes illness and pain
Like medicine in a vein.
Do not dispute this logic,
The origin of medicine was magic.


The skilled magician and the old priest
Mixed poetry and medicine for a feast
The mixture blinds so fine
Like mixing water with wine.


God, do not take away 
From my heart and eye today
Medical wisdom and verses I may say.

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