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The Parrotfish and me

In 1993 I went fishing in a large yacht with friends near a Qatari island called Halool, 80 km northeast of the city of Doha. I went down in a small boat for a freediving adventure near the shore, carrying a fishing arrow with me. It ended in an unintentional killing of a beautiful Parrotfish. It is called “Gain” in local Arabic. I felt sorry for hitting that fish. I carried it back to the yacht for photography. While I was looking at it I wrote a poem about it. I cannot translate it into English as real poetry, but I will try to translate the meaning.


In Halool sea, I went diving alone,

Next to a mighty large stone.

I was so amused to see,

Many beautiful creatures under the sea.

It was like a sea garden, a paradise in a heavenly place,

For sea creatures, not for the human race.


Near a rock, a beautiful “Gain” could be seen,

Wearing a colorful dress, like a young queen,

Heading toward my arrow, swimming with grace,

She was like a beautiful creature from outer space.


In greens, she was dressed,

And jewelry shone on her chest;

Her eye was like a clear pearl, without shade,

Surrounded by green and red jade.


With the movement of her tail, she dances,

Like a young lady with romances.


Suddenly my arrow took off in a burst,

And landed in her green chest. 

I cried with sorrow that took my breath,

For her accidental cruel death.


I never wanted to inflict pain,

On that beautiful Gain.


Because my heart is soft and tender,

I was never fit to be a hunter.

My deep and strong sorrow,

Forced me to break the arrow.

From such fishing, I decided to abstain,

I never went fishing in that place again.

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