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Written while raining in Kansas City, Mo., USA on 27/4/1974 

I  lost track of time 

I  lost track of place 
My thoughts will rhyme 
If you read my face.  


I am staring at infinity 
And my mind is flying
You see the tears in my eyes 
But I am not crying.


My tears are like a toy, 
For an innocent small boy.
They are the source of  happiness,
They are the source of joy.


I feel so happy 
Watching the rain, 
Dancing on the grass 
And tickling my brain. 
And flowing on the ground 
Like the blood in my vein. 


The rain brings so many memories connected
in a chain. 
And passing through my mind 
Like a mighty long train.
I stopped and listened 
And enjoyed the scene. 
Everything is so beautiful, 
A beauty, I have never seen.


The tree is opening her arms 
And standing like a queen.
Welcoming her royal lover 
I wouldn't tell you whom I mean.  


Tall, slim and proud 
As proud as has ever been.

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